Price list

Individual workshops: 100 € / day

The price does not include food, travel nor accommodation.

Transport from the Gdańsk airport is provided by the “Bytner Transport” company – reservations: 600 476 811

Due to the great interest, deadlines are set individually at least two to three weeks in advance at the following telephone number: +48 537 188 285. The only requirement for booking a session is to make a full money transfer to the indicated account, please kindly mention  your name and date of the session in the transfer title, e.g. Kowalski Jan 20-24 / 11/2016.

Zbigniew Maćko
PKO SA 82124016041111001024405691

Für Ueberweisungen aus Deutschland :
IBAN: PL82 1240 1604 1111 0010 2440 5691

Kontakt :
tel. : 537 188 285

After booking a session, I am asking for a phone call on the day before the arrival confirming the date and it is essential that you provide me with the place of your accommodation.