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Currently, I organize and run photo workshops for individuals and organizations related to nature photography. Photographic workshops are intended for both amateurs and more advanced nature photographers who are already looking for specific genres and some uncommon shots. I must emphasize that nature photography can be just hours of fruitless waiting. Our success is not only dependent on our ingenuity and commitment, but above all on our charisma, endurance and passion for the world of wild nature. Wild nature is governed by its laws, it is often capricious, does not pose just because we have the time for it, because we’ve prepared a session for our dream photographic experience. In the present day, almost everyone can buy branded equipment and try their luck in this difficult area. However, it should be remembered that even the best body and brand glass does not guarantee success yet, and branded equipment does not make the owner of a real nature photographer. In my workshop you will master the difficult art of nature photography, I will reveal the ropes of the workshop, techniques and principles that a naturalist should follow. You will learn about the intricate tangle of natural science, the art of camouflage, patience and ethics, and this knowledge will help you to successfully photograph and raise your own photographic workshop. The workshops are organized in a safe way, both for the participants and the surrounding nature. Knowledge and vast experience are necessary for this. Photographic workshops are conducted from specially prepared photographic blinds, so-called “blinds” that help and increase the likelihood of the appearance of dream photographic goals.

Since 2013, there are 10 stationary 3-person blinds, rooms for shooting birds of prey and smaller and larger mammals. In addition, there are 4 blinds for photographing wetland birds. Blinds are always lured (3 times a week) and are always ready to receive guests.

Individual workshops take place outdoors and the participants get acquainted with various aspects of nature photography:

  • The essence of nature photography includes:
  • Selection of photographic equipment
  • Laws and ethics of the nature photographer
  • Use of lighting conditions
  • The art of camouflage: hiding, personal camouflage, blinds, etc.
  • The art of composing the image (depth of field, composition, perspective)
  • Initial image processing in the PS graphics program *

Workshops depend on the season and conditions prevailing in nature. They are diverse in terms of the methods presented and duration from one to several days. Learning takes place in difficult terrain conditions, and therefore basic field preparation, including warm clothing and appropriate footwear in autumn and winter are required.

Due to the great interest, deadlines are set individually at least two to three weeks in advance at the following telephone number: 537 188 285. The only requirement for booking a session is to make a full money transfer to the indicated account, please kindly mention  your name and date of the session in the transfer title, e.g. Kowalski Jan 20-24 / 11/2016.

Zbigniew Maćko

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Contact :

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After booking a session, I am asking for a phone call on the day before the arrival confirming the date and it is essential that you provide me with the place of your accommodation.