_mg_0408_war8I offer my photography for both commercial and private use. To correctly identify individual frames in the gallery, go to the details of the photo. Click the title of the photo and you will find all the necessary information (Exif). To find photos or genres, use a convenient search engine.

The offered material is very high technical quality and very high resolution. Excellent quality is ensured by professional equipment used in my everyday work. You can issue an invoice for all ordered materials. On regular bases I cooperate with many publishing houses and I would like to warmly invite you to a cooperation.

Depending on the purpose, the photographs are prepared in the right way to ensure the best target quality.

  • Ready to print scans in high resolution TIFF or JPG
  • Enlargements of various formats, can be already bound in any frame
  • Prepared graphics for the needs of websites

If you have not found a picture that suits your needs, please contact me, probably we will find a photo that meets the demand, because the gallery only has a small part of my collection. There is also the possibility of taking pictures for an individual order in terms of genre, scenery or behavior.  I also prepare photographic materials for various types of works, studies, articles or lectures on nature.

Zbigniew Macko:

82 1240 1604 1111 0010 2440 5691

Für Ueberweisungen aus Deutschland :
IBAN: PL82 1240 1604 1111 0010 2440 5691